Vital Steps to Take When You've Got a Family of Squirrels Nesting in YOUR Yonkers Attic!

In case you encountered a female Yonkers squirrel in your attic during the month of February up to October, it is safe to assume that there are also baby squirrels in your attic. Usually, the squirrel will breed twice in a year; during the latter part of the summer and on the spring months. During this time, trapping is not recommended since you do not want the baby squirrels to be orphaned. The mother has a strong maternal instinct and will relocate her kits if she feels that their safety is being threatened.

Things to Do In Case You Discovered a Nest of Babies in Your Attic

In the event that you discover baby squirrels in your New York attic, you should not approach them carelessly. You should give the mother squirrel the chance to retrieve her babies. With a mild provocation, the mother will transfer her kits to a safer location. It would be magnificent if you have not yet disturbed the nest of the squirrel. You simply need to open a hole and give the mother squirrel the opportunity to retrieve her babies. 

What if You Have Moved the Nest?

If you have removed the Yonkers squirrel's nest from its original location, do not panic. There is still a possibility that the mother squirrel will return for her babies. You need to keep the baby squirrel safe while waiting for the mother. Place them inside a cardboard box with dry towels that will keep them warm. Even during the warm months, the babies will feel cold. You need to give them a heat source. For instance, you can fill a plastic bottle with warm water. Wrap it in a towel and place it near the baby squirrels. Replace it regularly to keep them comfortable and warm. Avoid giving the baby squirrels with water or food. You simply have to keep them safe until the mother squirrel retrieve them.

Reunite them With Their Mother

As we mentioned above, the mother New York squirrel has a strong maternal instinct. They will return to their nest if you only give them the chance. The squirrel mother can also take care of the babies better than any humans. You need to be patient. If you have disturbed the nest, there is a possibility that the mother is just around the corner. She might be too scared to return immediately. 

On the off chance that the mother squirrel did not return, it is possible that the New York baby squirrels have been abandoned. This is a rare case but there are situations when disturbing the nest can indeed scare them away. During this time, you will need the help of the wildlife rehabilitators. 

While waiting for the response of the Yonkers wildlife rehabilitators, you will need to keep the kits at a safe and warm place. Avoid giving them food and water especially if there are no instructions from the rehabilitators. You will simply need to ensure that they have a proper heat source.

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