Why New York Raccoons Prove to be Some of the Most Challenging Pets!

The Yonkers raccoons appear cute and cuddly and a lot of people are wondering if they are an excellent pets. Unfortunately, they are not. The mere fact that they are wild creatures means that they belong in the wild. You should not confine the animal in the four corners of your home just because you are amused of their appearance. Sadly, a lot of people are interested in having a unique and rare creature as their pet.  

Why Raccoons Are Not Good Pets

Before you even think about taking a New York raccoon as pet, you need to remember that this is illegal in most states. Call the local animal welfare department and be aware about the laws and regulations about the raccoon. Most states consider raccoon as wildlife creatures and they have enacted laws that protect these animals.

They Are Wild Animal

Let us remind you again that raccoons are wild animals. The terms ‘pets' and ‘raccoon' should never be intertwined. Even those raccoon creatures that are classified as ‘tamed' will require an expensive amount to maintain. In addition, it also needs an expansive knowledge to successfully take care of them. Those raccoons that are kept in captivity still show behavior of wild animals. They have a wild animal instinct that can expose you to certain risks.

It is a Challenge

Keeping a Yonkers raccoon as pet involves a great deal of challenge. You need to allow them a huge amount of space where they can freely run. Since they have a destructive behavior, keeping your valuable belongings safe from them can be difficult. They also act unpredictably when they are in the presence of human. If you choose to lock them in a confined cage, this is no different from trapping the raccoon that has invaded your property. The only difference is that your pet raccoon will not be released and will be confined for a long period. This is simply too inhumane.

They Are Not House-Trained

Compared to your regular house pets such as cats and dogs, the New York raccoons cannot be effortlessly trained on using the litter box consistently. It would also be difficult to take on a walk while having leash. They are nocturnal creatures and they have their own preferred schedule of doing their personal business. They can also launch an attack to the members of the family, visitors, and pets. 

Experience in Caring for a Raccoon

Not all New York veterinarians have knowledge and experience when it comes to treating a ‘pet' raccoon. This means that finding a healthcare provider for them would be a challenge. When you are going to the vet, you will also be required to show any proof of your purchase. This will prove that the raccoon is not taken in the wild illegally. In case you have a pet raccoon that has been forcefully taken in the wild, the animal will be confiscated and you will be subjected to costly fines.

While we may realize that there are some Yonkers pet advocates who want to take care of the raccoons, it would still be best to leave them in the wild. You should stick to the standard pets that are also looking for shelters and care.

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