Smartest and Most Needed Steps to Take After Catching a New York Opossum

Once you noticed some signs of Yonkers opossum activities in your property, the next possible course of action would be to trap them. After capturing them, you can now release a breath of relief knowing that you've successfully deter the possible damages that they can cause. However, your job is not yet done. You still have to know that things that you need to do with the trapped possum.

What to Do with a Trapped Opossum

With regards to the trapped New York opossum, there are not a lot of options that you can do since you are not allowed to relocate it. If the local policy allows you to relocate them, their chance of survival will be extremely low. They will not have an access to water and food and will suffer a slow and excruciating death. You will also need to carry licenses for transporting and relocating the animal. Here are the better options.

Release Them

Most states will only allow you to release the opossum outside your Yonkers house. If it goes beyond 100 yards from your property, someone may report you to the local wildlife control department. Keeping them inside the trap for an extended period is also inhumane and you may also face legal repercussion for doing this. You will be surprised to know that they are actually beneficial to our environment. While they may steal chicken eggs from time to time, they would still prefer the taste of the insects. They are also nomadic creature which means that they might leave your property on their own accord.

Kill Them Humanely

Killing the opossum that is infesting your New York property is allowed under the law. However, for those who want to kill the opossum outside your property, you need to carry the necessary permit for doing so. You are also not permitted to cause the fragile creature any unnecessary suffering. The best way to do it is to put them on a gas chamber. Some local animal control agency will provide this service. Their oxygen in their body will be replaced with CO2 that will cause suffocation. Another way to give them a quick death is through a shot in their head. If done correctly, the creature will not even know what killed them. However, be sure that the use of firearm is allowed in your county. Using guns and other forms of firearms is illegal in densely populated states.

In some cases, you will need to carry a Yonkers conservation license when removing the opossum in your property. The license will cost you an average of $30. You may also employ the service of the possum control expert to capture and release the creature. There are also places where the possums are protected so make sure to familiarize yourself on the existing laws before conducting the procedures we mentioned above. Once you successfully get rid of the opossum in your house, you will have to seal their entry points in order to avoid dealing with an ongoing opossum problem. 

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